About Us

Howard is the last name of the founders Larry and Kevin, the last two of a generation. Defined by a desire to starve the ego and feed the soul and share with others. The story of who we are is in our name, and we want to share with others what the Howard name symbolizes; hard work, determination and to attain the impossible.

What do we represent? The wrench symbolizes hard work, a story we reflect on from birth. Our parents and grandparents worked countless hours day and night to make sure we had food on the table living in a home with over 11 people in San Jose, CA. We at Howard understand the importance of working hard and the blue-collar mentality. The reflection of that is in the wrench in which we learned from our father to perform numerous repairs on vehicles in the automotive sector. The blue rose representing rarity; impossible to attain. Without hard work and determination, the impossible cannot be attained. To attain the impossible means reaching your doubters and defying all odds. Make the switch to sustainable bamboo clothing all while embracing determination and achieving the impossible! The fist is a countless meaning of determination that as we share with others. Rejecting failure with a determined mindset to push through all odds, obstacles and roadblock. Success is not easy and if you focus on a goal and purpose anything can be reached. It is always in the mindset and a determined mind can do anything and keep you pushing forward at all cost. The blue rose is the rarest of flowers and naturally does not exist. We want to show to attain the impossible is also reaching your doubters and defying all odds. What you thought cannot be reached will and can be, if you reflect now on were you are you probably already attained the impossible.

The Howard name is in all of us it is the American dream, and it is in our past carried down. We at howard are hard work, determination and attain the impossible. The howard purpose is you can be and do whatever you want and to make the unreal real.

Howard Gumbo is a family recipe passed down from Ruth Parks herself from the heart of Louisiana, New Orleans. It consists of Dungeness crab legs, shrimp, crab meat, hot links, her famous roux and occasionally smoked ham if specified along with hot warm jasmine rice served on the side. It has garnered much attention in the Bay Area California for its rarity, and superior flavor that have many coming back for more. Our gumbo exemplifies delicious! Gumbo is a tradition to Howard which we now share with everyone. As many say it is SOOO good it will make you wanna slap yo momma!